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Business Development Internship with a Consulting Company in Shanghai

Host Company Profile

The company is a young consultancy firm based in Shanghai. It is a strong strategic partner for companies and brands aiming to enter the international market in an effective and sustainable way. It offers professional experience in the business scope, in Europe and East Asia. It aims to bring together globalized, eco-conscious & ethical strategies that lead to sustainable profits. 

The company is currently working on several sustainability projects which can have a huge impact globally. It needs someone exceptional to take the helm of a business development intern and who shares the same vision: Make the world suck less. 


As a small business the intern will have a lot of responsibility and get an inzside look at what it takes to get a company up and running. You will be treated like an intern but like a full- time employee. 

Gain real experience. 

The internship enables the participants to turn their skills, passions, ambitions and academic accomplishment into real-world success. The internship aims at increasing the participants' competences in the field of their studies by offering them a tailor-made on-the-job experience. 


This internship will benefit someone who is interested in marketing, business development, sustainability, communications and technology. The ideal person for the job will be a problem solver with excellent communication skills and impeccable attention to detail. He/she will have previous experience working in an office environment, performing administrative tasks and providing support to coworkers. The ability to multitask, manage complex schedules, and meet changing deadlines is essential to the position. 

Other skills

*Exceptional English skills (other languages are a plus)

*Ability to work independently and multitask

*Proficient in Microsoft Office or iWork & graphic design software 

Benefits Great opportunity of working in Shanghai

  • Completion Certificate upon completion

  • Potential full-time opportunity

To Apply

To apply for the program please read more details on our Internship in China page and apply via there.


This position is available as part of Asia Internship's internship package. The job is paid, but we charge a fee for services including accommodation.

Apply once you're ready.

Or contact us for more information.

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