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Online English Tutoring

Growing interest in international affairs and the globalized market have made the English language a requirement for students in China who wish to become successful in any line of work.  However,  they seldom have a need to use the language within their own country or achieve a high-enough skill to speak the language comfortably.  Because of this,  many Chinese schools are therefore eager to improve the quality of their students'  English education by taking in English speakers from abroad who can inspire students to improve their English even further.
Lao Shi (老師)  - The Chinese word for "teacher" is a combination of the characters 老 and 師 respectively,  with 老="old" and 師="teacher".  The suffix "old" is not used in the context of age,  but rather as a sign of respect and reverence.  It is not surprising that studies have shown that the level of public respect for teachers in China is the highest in the world.
This Online English Tutoring program is designed for native English Speakers from all over the world to tutor English to Chinese people. This wont require you to be in China physically and the work will be arranged according to your time flexibility. This will be great for those who want to gain some teaching experience, earn an English tutoring work reference from a Chinese English training institution, or simply just want to earn some pocket money by speaking your mother language! Plus this will be a great gateway opportunity if you do want to teach in China in the future!



Pay Rate: 13.5  to 25 USD/hour depends on your experience

Location: Anywhere in the world

Duration: Flexible

Starting time: Anytime of the year 

Training provided? Yes the school will provide online training to you and explain how to use their online tutoring system.

Job responsibilities
  • Tutor English to students with professionalism
  • Write study report for student after a period of study
  • Give feedback to school about student's study progress
  • English native speakers

  • Dynamic, enthusiastic, responsible and reliable

  • Teaching experience preferred 

  • Education and English majors are preferred but not a must

  • Good level of patience

  • Pay rate between 13.5 - 25 USD/hour
  • Gain teaching experience for future career development
  • A work reference from Chinese employer 
  • Full-time opportunities in China!

Program Cost - None

Its free to apply the program. In return not only you will be paid by your work, but also again a work reference from a Chinese education institutions, discount on joining Asia Internship programs in Asia but also potential onsite-teaching full-time job opportunities in China!

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