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  • A great experience of living in China - this mysterious oriental land - for at least half year

  • A meaningful cause to help Chinese students to improve their English level

  • Boost your CV and stand out from crowd

  • Live a comfortable way with a comfortable salary

  • Make life-long friends from all over the world and China

  • Travel while teach!

Lao Shi (老師) - The Chinese word for “teacher” is a combination of the characters 老 and 師 respectively, with 老=“old” and 師=“teacher”. The suffix “old” is not used in the context of age, but rather as a sign of respect and reverence. It is not surprising that studies have shown that the level of public respect for teachers in China is the highest in the world.


Growing interest in international affairs and the globalized market has made the English language a requirement for any students China who wishes to become successful in any line of work. However, they seldom have a need to use the language within their own country or achieve a high enough skill to speak the language comfortably. Because of this, many Chinese schools are therefore eager to improve the quality of their English education by taking in educators from abroad who can inspire students to improve their English even further.

Why teach in China?
Teach in China 

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