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Teaching Internship in China

About the program
This program is great for This program is designed for those who want to spend half year in China to fully experience the culture and at the same time get paid by your own work - either you are a traveller, a university student or young professional. This opportunity will allow you to earn certain amount of stipend each month from the school and live in a quite confirmable way while you are in China. 
Growing interest in international affairs and the globalized market have made the English language a requirement for students in China who wish to become successful in any line of work.  However,  they seldom have a need to use the language within their own country or achieve a high-enough skill to speak the language comfortably.  Because of this,  many Chinese schools are therefore eager to improve the quality of their students'  English education by taking in English speakers from abroad who can inspire students to improve their English even further.
Lao Shi (老師)  - The Chinese word for "teacher" is a combination of the characters 老 and 師 respectively,  with 老="old" and 師="teacher".  The suffix "old" is not used in the context of age,  but rather as a sign of respect and reverence.  It is not surprising that studies have shown that the level of public respect for teachers in China is the highest in the world.



Location: Sichuan and other areas of China

Duration: one semester (4-5 months) or one full year (11-12 months)

Starting time: September and March, other dates may available 

Accommodation: provided by the school either in shared/single apartment

  • Between the age of 18 to 40
  • English natives are preferred
  • Education/English major 
  • Good health 
  • Non-criminal record 
  • Strong sense of responsibility and professionalism 
  • Excellent communication, writing and editing skills
  • Commitment of 6 months time 
  • Teaching experience preferred but not a must
  • Monthly allowance of RMB2500

  • Airport pickup

  • Orientations before commencement

  • Free well-furnished apartment

  • Free and extensive Chinese classes every weekend

  • Some free meals and/or meal allowance

  • Student visa and internship permit

  • Onsite support 

  • Reference letter and completion certificate upon completion

  • Some free cultural and networking events

  • Completion Bonus of RMB3000

  • Discount on TESOL training with our TESOL Partner

Why teach in China?

The answer is simply being - why not?

A Meaningful Experience

Growing interest in international affairs and the globalised market has made the English language a requirement for every students China. However, students seldom have opportunities to use the language within their own country or achieve a high enough skill to speak. Because of this, many Chinese schools are therefore eager to improve the quality of their English education by taking in native speakers from abroad who can inspire students to improve their English even further. Besides, your presence can also help to bring new variation and richness to their own education.


Boots Your CV and Stand Out from the Crowd

Chinese work-experience is becoming increasingly valued among western employers and any employee or job applicant with experience in China is bound to be an attractive hiring-option.

Additionally, the Chinese students will appreciate a foreign visitor and will be as interested in knowing about the teachers culture as their way of using the English language.


Great Opportunity of Experiencing A Culture

Going to China means to visit one of the largest and most ancient cultures in the world, where both tradition and hard work are held in high regard. You will every opportunity of experience the cultural aspects here, such as festivals, foods, traditions and ways of life... New arrivals are swept up in a rushing torrent and roughly hurled from one experience to the other. It may seem overwhelming at first and the expectations you have to meet as a worker can be daunting. But ultimately you’ll learn to follow along and take every part of China as it comes, for there is nothing else like it in the whole world and you should take it in while you have the chance.


Live A Comfortable Life with A Comfortable Salary

As an intern in China you can make a very liveable  wage.  In a country where spending money can be as low as 300USD/month, you will be living a conformable and decent life!

Program Cost

Application fee: 200USD 

We require a Registration Fee of $200 USD on top of the Program Fee(Subject to 5% Paypal Service Fee).


This registration fee is refundable if we fail to secure you a placement in the school.

Program fee: 1000USD

This program fee is mainly used to apply the visa supporting documents to guarantee you a proper visa for the length of stay.  Also you will receive all the benefits mentioned in the "benefits" above. 

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