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Foreign Students to China

If you want to come to China for one to six months, develop yourself professionally, fully embrace the culture and travel to see more of the country, check our internship & culture immersion program in China!



Chinese Students

If you are a Chinese student studying at an overseas university, looking for an internship or graduate placement back to China, don't miss this opportunity we offer for you. 



Expat Students in Chinese Universites

If you are studying at a Chinese university at the moment and is looking for an internship or graduate placement, we have the perfect program for you!


Law Student from UK

I was so blessed to be working with my host company Grandway Law. My work ethic is always to work at a firm that I could work with as a family. Coming to China and understanding the strict business focus working 24/7 around the clock, I realised I might not necessarily get that here, I had the opportunity to take lead on an international commercial case with an English-speaking client...


Business Student from New Zealand

"The support I received from Asia Internship while in China had been fantastic, has made everything really easy. The coordinator had always been there to answer any questions I had very quickly. 


Despite the language barrier, everyone at work had been extremely welcoming and friendly and always willing to help.

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