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Location: Singapore, Bangkok, Macau, Hong Kong SAR and Mainland China


Length: 4 - 6 months (if you want to stay longer please let us know)


Hot positions

  • Front Desk

  • Event Management

  • Food & Beverage

  • Room services 

  • Marketing & Event

  • And more...


  • Professional development

  • Potential future job opportunities

  • Culture immersions

  • International networks

  • Travel conveniences to other Asian countries 


And many more...

hotel internship in asia4 asia internship
hotel internship in asia2 asia internship
hotel internship in asia3 asia internship
hotel internship in asia5 asia internship

Internship Placement Service 

Application fee: 300USD

(fully refundable if we can't guarantee you an offer within 2 months' of time)

Program Service Fee: 1200USD - pay when you confirm an offer and before getting started of your trip

What's included:
*An internship offer 

*Placement Support (CV enhancement suggestions, interview tips and so on)

*Visa guidance (how to apply a right visa for the country)

*Pre-departure handbook (how to prepare your trip, living tips and so on)

*Full-time job recommendation (if any of our host companies are offering an full-time job opportunity and you are an ideal candidate we will inform you this opportunity)

Each country has its own requirements for the visa, please inquire us separately.

Is this internship paid?

Yes, all hospitality interns can expect to receive a monthly stipend from the hosting hotels. The stipend amount varies from country to country but will equal to the amount of an intern's general salary in the country. In the case the hotel doesn't offer stipend, a free staff accommodation will be provided. 
Interns will also receive free meals at the hotel's staff canteen on their internship days.

Application Process 



Our consultant will talk to you and confirm your needs. We will require an application fee of 300USD once we officially accept you into the program. No work will be done before we receive the application fee from applicant. 




We will match you wit the most ideal placement and initiate further contact (interview) between you and the hotel 

This would take up to 8 weeks to finalize. 




If a hotel gives you this offer we will secure it for you. If not we will be keeping looking until you are secured with one. No program FEE is required before an offer is confirmed.

Once you confirm an offer, we will send you the program fee invoice and help you to get ready for this trip (visa application guiance, pre-departure preparations and so on).

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