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Love in Nepal

Volunteer in Nepal
Nepal is a landlocked country located in South Asia. It is a land of snow peaks and Sherpas, yaks and yetis, monasteries and mantras, and is regarded as a leading travel destination.

Capital: Kathmandu

Population: 27.47 million

Official language: Nepali

Currency: Rupee (NRs.)

Time zone: UTC+05:45




About Nepal Program 


Location: Kathmandu and its surrounding areas, Okhaldhunga (Everest region) 250 km northeast of Kathmandu.


Duration: 10 days +


Accommodation: Guesthouse, homestays, monastery/nunnery


Meals: at least 2 meals each day spent volunteering



  • Teaching

  • Child Development

  • Public Health

  • Environment and Conservation

  • Women’s Empowerment

  • And more

Program Description  


Teaching English in Buddhist Monastery

This project aims to give volunteers a true taste of life at a monastery. It aims for an exchange between the religious members of a community and foreigners from a drastically different community with just one thing in common: the eagerness to learn. See full details


Teaching English at a Community School

Teaching in Nepali community schools will give you a hands-on Nepali classroom experience. With your help, we hope to impart a crucial life skill on the children and local communities: speaking English. See full details 


Teaching English for Deaf People

The working with Deaf People project aims to give the deaf people of Nepal a better shot at a quality education. It is an incredibly fulfilling experience to help those that need it most. See full details 


Teaching Computer Science

We put together the computer technology project in recognition of information technology as a fast-moving, efficient means of communication. The country will need to do much to improve, especially to catch up with the outside world and join the IT age. Help Nepal get ahead! Your participation is key to providing them these tools. See full details 


Teaching Sports

There is truth in the belief that sports bring people together. Seize the opportunity and share your love for your favourite sport(s) with the people of Nepal. See full details 


Teaching Yoga

You would be bringing yoga to Nepal and giving people a chance to live a better life that comes from within, independent of the challenges and changes taking place outside their control. You would be teaching at a Buddhist monastery or in the local community. See full details 


Arts and Crafts

Art is a powerful and creative means of expression. It can bring about positive life-enhancing change to both you and the Nepali people. As a volunteer, you will be given the unique opportunity to teach arts and crafts of your choosing, and also to learn the trade through the artistic lens of the Nepali people. See full details 


Culture Immersion & Teaching 

This is for those who want to learn about Nepali culture. You will be placed into a typical Nepali home in a village. You would be “giving back” by teaching English at the community school. See full details 


Child Project


Every year hundreds of orphans wander the streets of Kathmandu. A majority of them become child labourers and never get time to actually enjoy their childhood. We aim to give them back their childhood and an education. See full details 


Early Childhood Development

We work with Childhood Development Centres which are set up in rural communities for children of 3 to 5 years of age. These centres work to surround children from marginalized communities with a friendly learning environment. You as a volunteer offer your care and support for these children. See full details 


Children's Clubs

Children’s clubs are co-curricular projects set up for children from 6 to 16 years old. This is a platform provided for children to develop their innate skills and creativity while increasing their awareness of community issues. See full details 


Working for Street Children

Kathmandu has an estimated 1,000 street children. School is not an option. They work the streets, seek meals in garbage heaps, sleep in the streets, and fall prey to traffickers and other abuse.See full details 


Health and Medical

Health and Medical Care

The project aims to improve the health of the community through education, health services and public health improvements. It mobilizes volunteers with health backgrounds in the rural areas where people do not have access to health facilities. See full details 


Health, Sanitation and Hygiene Education

The project was first set up in mind of the healthcare situation in Nepal and its many inadequacies. This project will be your way of making a significant impact on the Nepali rural communities. See full details 



Women’s Empowerment

Education, Rights & Life Skills

This aims to uplift disadvantaged women in Nepal by addressing issues such as education, literacy, financial wellbeing, health and women’s rights. See full details 


Income Generation & Marketing

Our project has been instrumental in overseeing the recent growth of initiatives for women’s income generation. In doing so women have been provided with critical livelihood training to generate income through primarily vegetable & livestock farming, sewing and cutting, incense making, candle making and dry food making. See full details 


Microcredit Cooperative

This project has been key to the recent surge of women’s income generation projects. In this our support and training has enabled many women to join the Women’s Microcredit Cooperative. Women are now afforded credit. See full details 


Women’s Trafficking Prevention

Each year in Nepal an estimated 10,000-15,000 girls are trafficked across the border to be sold into Indian brothels or forced to become domestic servants, beggars, factory workers or other workers. This project aims to prevent the trafficking of girls from Nepal, within the country or outside.


​Construction And Manual Work

This project involves building basic infrastructure in rural Nepali communities. Many households here still do not have safe or suitable toilets, and communities often do not have access to vital facilities such as libraries and classrooms. See full details.


We also run programs in 

  • Youth Empowerment

  • Adventure & Volunteering

  • Journalism

  • Management & Administration

Program Fees 

1 week: 527USD

2 weeks: 689USD

3 weeks: 851USD

4 weeks: 1013USD

6 weeks: 1269USD

8 weeks: 1526USD

10 weeks: 1782USD

12 weeks: 2039USD

If you are staying more than 8 weeks please let us know.





  • Pre-departure Information & Visa Guidance 

  • Accommodation

  • Food

  • Airport Pickup 

  • City tour, Orientation

  • Onsite support from our local team

  • Completion Certificate

  • Free registration of another Asia Internship program within 2 years


Not Included 

  • Flights, insurance, visa

  • Non-work related transportation

  • Snacks, beverages, or other personal purchases

Note: All programs require a Registration Fee of $200 USD on top of the Program Fee. 

This registration fee allows you to participate in any of our other program  without paying another registration fee within a period of 2 years. 



  • 2 years' free of registration fee to participate in any of our other programs

  • Job opportunity/recommendations across Asia

  • 10% Discount on our other programs

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