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Internship in Nepal
Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia. It is a land of snow peaks and Sherpas, yaks and yetis, monasteries and mantras. You will gain valuable experience in your field by working on projects aimed at improving Nepal's social and economic development.

Capital: Kathmandu

Population: 27.47 million

Official language: Nepali

Currency: Rupee (NRs.)

Time zone: UTC+05:45



About the Nepal Program 

Location: Kathmandu

Duration: 2 weeks +

Starting time: every month

Accommodation: host family/monastery/nunnery


Why Nepal?

  • Intern in the Himalayan country of Nepal and work in fields aimed at promoting its sustainable economic development.

  • Kathmandu, along with the neighbouring cities of Lalitpur and Bhaktapur, form an entire UNESCO World Heritage Site! In Kathmandu you will have a chance to explore the spectacular temples and shrines that make the area a mecca for Buddhists and Hindus alike.

  • Globalisation is causing the job market to become more and more competitive. Your experience and understanding of Nepal and Asia will make your CV stand out from the crowd.

How it works?
  • Step-by-step pre-departure process

  • Apply on our website

  • Consulting Interview

  • Deposit & Enrolment

  • Placement Confirmation

  • Preparation

  • Arrival

Program Details 

Community Health

The community health education project was first set up due to the many inadequacies of the Nepali healthcare system. This project will be your way of making a significant impact on Nepali rural communities, changing the lives of hundreds of locals through teaching good health & hygiene habits. See full details


Environment & Conservation Education

Nepal’s natural environment has been degrading in recent years. This is due to a lack of environmental management and incentives, plus a general neglect for nature. See full details 


International Journalism

The journalism internship in Nepal is a professional programme which allows interns to develop a portfolio of work in an international context. If you are planning a gap year or career break and contemplating a job in journalism or print media, this project could set you off on the right foot. See full details  


Women Empowerment Studies

The Women’s Empowerment Programme is one of the major programmes being conducted in Jitpurphedi. This programme is targeted at development and empowerment of women by improving their education, life skills, income generation and health. See full details  


Health And Medicine

As a Medicine and Healthcare intern you will gain a great deal of valuable work experience working alongside some of the most skilled practitioners in the country. The facilities are generally quite basic when compared to facilities in the west. See full details




Program fee

4 weeks: 1215USD

6 weeks: 1499USD

8 weeks: 1782USD

10 weeks: 2066USD

12 weeks: 2350USD

Note: All programs require a Registration Fee of $200 USD on top of the Program Fee. 


This registration fee is refundable if we fail to secure you a placement on your field of interest. 


This registration fee allows you to participate in any of our other program without paying another registration fee within a period of 2 years. 

Value-added Services

  • 2 years' free of registration fee to participate in any of our other programs

  • Job opportunity/recommendations across Asia

  • 10% Discount on our other programs



  • Airport Pickup 

  • Training & Orientation 

  • Accommodation

  • Food

  • Transportation to projects sites

  • Necessary materials for projects

  • Emergency Support 


Not Included 

  • Flights, insurance, visa

  • Non-work related transportation

  • Snacks, beverages, or other personal purchases

Don't Quit If It Just Because of Money 

Learn how to fund your experience 

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