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Location: Hong Kong SAR, China


Length: 1 to 6 months


Hot industries

  • Finance & Banking

  • Marketing & International Trade

  • PR & Communications 

  • NGOs

  • And many more...


  • Professional development

  • Culture Immersion

  • Language 

  • Your networks in China

  • Travel opportunities 


And much more...

About Hong Kong 
As one of China's Special Administrative Regions, Hong Kong is without a doubt the country's most developed and prosperous city. Thanks to its rich economy, which is mainly driven by the tertiary sector, it provides many career prospects for foreign professionals. Hong Kong is the gateway to China. It’s the financial centre and business hub of the country; a super connector for global businesses interested in trading with China. It also has an extremely modern and functional transport system.
From the international airport you can catch a flight to a multitude of destinations in a short amount of time. Wherever you need to go at whatever time of day, you’ll never be stuck for options with Hong Kong’s efficient transport network. The weather, culture, nightlife and distance from beaches/mountainous regions are just a few of the reasons why the quality of life in Hong Kong surpasses other cities. 
Why Doing An Internship in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is rather open towards foreign students and young trainees looking forward to acquire professional experience abroad along with enhancing their studies. It provides many international internship programs for foreign students. You are most likely to find opportunities in the fields of finance, trade, marketing, media etc., which are currently in great demand. For decades, working and living in Hong Kong has been attractive amongst those seeking new challenges overseas. Hong Kong is a strong economic destination and particularly popular for those working in Financial Services. The average earning for expats in Hong Kong is USD176, 000 per annum, around USD70, 000 more than the global average!
Also you can get new business, discover potential opportunities and develop lasting professional and personal relationships with like-minded individuals here in Hong Kong. The expat communities in Asia have a much closer bond of business leaders so meeting key decision makers and potential clients is a given.

Internship Placement Service 

Application fee: 200USD

(fully refundable if we can't guarantee you an offer within 2 months' of time)

Program Service Fee: pay when you confirm an offer and before getting started of your Hong Kong  trip
1 - 3 months internship: 1200USD
4 - 6 months internship: 1500USD
What's included:
*Internship Placement Service
*Hong Kong Training Visa - we will apply in Hong Kong and mail to you
*Pre-departure handbook (how to prepare your trip, how to find short-lease stay in Hong Kong, living tips in Hong Kong and so on)
*Full-time job recommendation (if any of our host companies are offering an full-time job opportunity and you are an ideal candidate we will inform you this opportunity)
Please note the structure of the program has changed from 2023 and we no longer offer onsite support for participant. This program is more suitable for people who have overseas travel experience. With our pre-arrival guidance and remote language support (if in need) one will have no issues living in the city as Hong Kong is VERY safe to live and travel and there's a huge expat community here.
Is this internship paid?
If you are doing an internship within 3 months of time, we don't guarantee that you will receive an internship stipend, as the host company sees this as an opportunity for you to learn and develop and they will put in effort in mentoring you rather than receive constructive contributions from you. If you are staying for a period of more than 6 months we make sure you will receive an internship stipend from the 1st month. (the average salary for an intern is HK$12,000 per month in Hong Kong).

Cost of Living in Hong Kong
Housing: A student's apartment is from HK$5000 to HK$8000 per month (we can send you some recommended accommodation providers in Hong Kong)
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant: 60.00 HK$
One-way Ticket (Local Transport)12.00 HK$8.00-22.00

Monthly Pass (Regular Price)500.00 HK$400.00-650.00

Taxi Start (Normal Tariff)27.00 HK$24.00-27.50

Taxi 1 mile (Normal Tariff)15.29 HK$

Exchange rate by January, 2023: 1 Hong Kong Dollar =0.1277 US Dollar
If you are a professional with some yrs working experience and are looking for a full-time job, please find our full-time job placement service here.

Application Process 



Our consultant will talk to you and confirm your needs. We will require an application fee of 200USD once we officially accept you into the program. No work will be done before we receive the application fee from applicant. 




We will match you wit the most ideal placement and initiate further contact (interview) between you and the host company.  

This would take up to 8 weeks to finalize. 




If the host company gives you this offer we will secure it for you. If not we will be keeping looking until you are secured with one. No program FEE is required before an offer is confirmed.


Law Intern

"I want to thank Asia Internship as they were committed to taking care of my needs and request, being available 24 hours and enabling me to settle in. They fixed me a sim-card and brought me to my accommodation as soon I arrived. My dietary requirements were taken into consideration which made it easier for me become familiar with the local cuisines. They introduce me to people who I have now become well acquainted with. Ultimately, they assisted making my stay a pleasant one."

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