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Program Description

Community Health Education

The community health education project was first set up due to the many inadequacies of the Nepali healthcare system. This particular project will be your way of making a significant impact on Nepali rural communities, changing the lives of hundreds of locals through teaching good health & hygiene habits.


  • Teach basic health and hygiene habits to school children and the local community

  • Consult with the local community about their current health condition

  • Work on improving basic sanitation habits with the local community

  • Visit children’s clubs & public schools to raise awareness and give first aid tips

Environment & Conservation Education

Nepal’s natural environment has been degrading in recent years. This is due to a lack of environmental management and incentives, plus a general neglect for nature.

Our projects work directly with deprived communities and groups to help them gain access to the available resources and services. With this they can receive ongoing technical and financial support to enhance their livelihoods both long-term and short-term.

Typical community-based activities focus on the promotion of kitchen gardening, waste management and sanitation.

International Journalism

The journalism internship in Nepal is a professional programme which enables interns to develop a portfolio of work in an international context.

As a journalism intern, you will gain working knowledge of how the national media functions as well as gaining invaluable experience of writing nationally-published articles. You can choose to spend all day working at the publication office or to work on articles remotely and more independently. You will have to take responsibility for how often you attend the office and how much effort you put into your work – much as in your future career.

Women Empowerment Studies

The Women’s Empowerment Programme is one of the major programmes being conducted in Jitpurphedi. This programme is targeted at development and empowerment of women by improving their education, life skills, income generation and health.

A saving credit co-operative has been formed in 2008 which now includes over 500 women’s groups from 66 communities in the Kathmandu Valley. It encourages women to save money to get interest. To support the women´s income activities, our programme conducts training for the required skills (farming, sewing cutting skills etc.)

Health And Medical

Medicine and Healthcare placements are based in and around Kathmandu. Interns will be working on social and health development projects that focus on providing medicine and healthcare for the underprivileged. This is a particularly important service in a country such as Nepal, where the National Health System provides for only 15% of the population.


Our programme also aims to mobilize volunteers with health backgrounds in rural communities where people do not have access to any government-provided health facilities.

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