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Don't let money hold you back

Going abroad is expensive, there’s no getting around that. International flights, visas and travel necessities add up. On the plus side, we have put a lot of work into reducing our programme fees, and the countries we offer experiences in are far cheaper than most western countries. The corollary to this is that the stipends are lower than salaries in most western countries.


If you or your parents have the financial means to self-fund the experience, consider it an investment in your future. Not everyone does, though, and we truly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from our programmes. Therefore, we have compiled a number of funding opportunities below, along with funding resources we have developed ourselves. We would also encourage you to contact your university directly – they often have all sorts of grants and scholarships designed specifically for you to go on programmes like ours.



Funding (Government & Universities)



  • AIFS Abroad Scholarship

  • Asian Cultural Council – (Apply July 1st, no results until following year in Spring)

  • Boren Scholarship

  • Freeman Asia

  • Fund for Education Abroad

  • Fund My Travel

  • Fulbright Scholarship

  • Gilman Scholarship

  • Go Overseas Study Abroad Scholarships

  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund

  • Indiegogo

  • IIE Study Abroad Funding

  • Rotary International

  • US Department of Education – Student Aid on the Web, The Student Guide to Financial Aid, Student Aid Search



New Zealand


  • The Global Study Awards

The GSA aims to provide funds to students who are looking to study and intern abroad to fund international diversity in educating students outside of their home countries.


  • Erasmus Grant

This is a non-profit organisation whose motto is; Students Helping Students, by focusing on representing international students through cultural integration and self-development.


  • Social Network Scholarship

This scholarship does not require a GPA, essay or financial need requirements. The funds must be used for educational expenses and require candidates to fill out an application form and a blog post.


  • European Funding Guide

The European Funding guide a useful tool when searching for a scholarship or grant to study or intern abroad. Fill in your information to find a scholarship specific to you and your time abroad.



Funding for all countries

Huayu Enrichment Program


There are a number of crowdfunding sites which allow you to raise money for any cause. Some of these may be useful to raise money for your placement, including:


Bear in mind that backers, sponsors and investors from these sites will often want something in return – this could be a postcard for any donations over a certain amount, committing to donate a certain percentage of the money to charity or keeping a weekly blog where you promote your sponsors.

50 fundraising ideas

100 fundraising ideas

myTab – Create your own travel wish-list page which you can distribute to friends and family

Work For 10 Work at Home Jobs for University Students 

Campus Ambassador Program (currently on hold)

We run a campus ambassador programme which gives you the opportunity to earn money by doing simple promotional work for us (whether or not you then choose to come to Asia with us). This could be as simple as putting up a poster or encouraging your friends to like us on Facebook – but if you want to give a presentation about us at a career fair we’re certainly not going to say no!

Part-time job
Crowdfunding and fundraising
Government and universities
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