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Get Your TEFL/TESOL Qualification!
Have you ever thought of traveling around the world while earning money to support yourself at the same time? Do you want to walk out of your comfort zone to experience different cultures? Or looking into possibility of expanding your career prospects with skills and experience your already have? Then teaching English can be your best choice!
However, private language schools abroad, online teaching companies and government programs that recruit English speakers to teach abroad all seek to hire people who have received a certain professional training. There is certainly something you should get before you pack and walk into the 'New World'.

What is TEFL and TESOL?


TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

TEFL is the most popular and common acronym used to refer to teaching English abroad. A “TEFL certification” refers to the training courses and certificate that are commonly required by language schools and institutes around the globe seeking to hire English teachers.


TESOL stands for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages.

In North America, “TESOL” is more typically used when referring to teaching English to non-native speakers in native English-speaking countries such as the U.S.  It is common for British, Canadian and Australian training centres to issue a certificate in TESOL as that is also used for domestic teaching and regulated by their governments. The US does not have any domestic regulation for teaching English in private language schools and therefore most US and European training would use the term TEFL for teaching abroad.

Why you should get one?

1. A higher possibility in getting an ideal teaching job and higher pays.

2. A chance of traveling around the world while earning money to support your dreams.

3. A professional training to become a qualified teacher and expand your career prospects.

4. A certificate to enhance your skills and stand out from the crowd.

Enjoy 10% Now!

Asia Internship partners with  International TEFL & TESOL Training (ITTT), a leading TEFL/TESOL course provider, to give our candidates an enriching learning experience. What's more, it now offers 10% discount for anyone from us who'd like to sign up a course with them.


ITTT has been at the forefront of providing high quality teacher training programs since 1993. In that time they have produced thousands of graduates every year through their extensive range of online, in-class and combined training courses. The tuition fee is as low as to 199USD.

As a market leader in the TEFL industry, they are continuously striving to improve their products and services to ensure that they maintain their position as one of the largest and most highly regarded providers of TEFL training worldwide.

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