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Senior English Teacher Needed, Salary Up to 80,000USD/Year

Host School Profile

The school is a high-end quality education brand, focusing on providing international English training services for children aged 2-15 years old, currently covering 70 cities nationwide. The school utilizes AI education technology to effectively drive online and offline complete learning, to provide children with 24/7 English immersion solutions. Interesting and loving teachers stimulate students' interest in learning, cultivate outstanding subject skills, and develop a new generation of core talents combining happiness, self-confidence and comprehensive qualities.

Job Responsibilities

Role purpose: International Teachers are required to prepare and deliver high quality English classes to overachievers (2-15 years old) and collaborate with local teachers to provide necessary academic services to the students or parents to ensure our students gain significant improvements in their English abilities and literacy.

  • Attend classes, trainings and meetings on time as required;

  • Improve your academic and teaching skills consistently through training, group class practice and individual-practice;

  • Use First Leap’s teaching approach to deliver the courses;

  • Provide feedback on students’ performance;

  • Provide academic coaching or guidance to students during and after class in order to ensure the learning outcomes;

  • Engage in necessary communication with parents.

Qualifications Requirements

  • Love children and have the willingness and passion to be an English teacher. Passionate about teaching YLs, out-going, responsible, creative;

  • Degree in Education, English or Linguistic are preferred;

  • Experience in Public Schools or International Schools is preferred.

  • Certificates in English teaching, such as TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, or DELTA (if you don't have one, contact us)

  • Teaching experience

  • Highly interactive with student in class; lively and energetic while teaching

  • Speak English at an idiomatic level (with no accent since we are teaching non-native young learners authentic English)

  • Being able to work during some holidays.


  • Great salary in industry - up to 600,000RMB per year;Systemic training and coaching;

  • Varied development paths for International Teachers;A

  • competitive salary package within the education industry;Housing allowance and commercial medical insurance;

  • A contract renewal holiday.

Other info

Working locations:

  • Beijing/Shanghai/Shenzhen

  • All candidates need to work in Beijing for an probation/training for 2-3 months

Working hours:

  • 40 hours per week

  • 5 working days in a week, 2 consecutive days off in week days

To Apply

To apply for the program please contact us via

This position is available as part of Asia Internship's internship package. The job is paid, but we charge a fee for services including accommodation.

Apply once you're ready.

Or contact us for more information.

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