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Yusuf,Law Intern from the UK

Hello there, readers! I am currently undertaking a law degree at Aston University in the United Kingdom.


Having just finished my second year, it was obvious that theoretical knowledge alone would not be sufficient to gain a foothold in any sector.


So, two months in Chengdu was the perfect opportunity to gain experience abroad and so I seized the opportunity with both hands. 
The projects I worked on included international contracts which were governed by English law, so the internship was tailored to my degree.


Whilst at the same time being introduced to domestic contracts which gave me an insight into a different legal system.

In some ways going abroad and practising law goes hand in hand, as not only did I learn the customs, and traditions but also the legal framework which reflects and impacts social norms.

I was able to understand the spirit of the law and not just the application.

The hospitality and kindness I received from my workplace colleagues, friends and the locals enriched my experience living in Chengdu.

The plethora of opportunities that Chengdu provides allowed me to keep engaged and active. Hiking up mountains where nature is at its finest. Wandering through historic alleyways, the aromatic flavours enticing me to taste and enjoy the food. Making my way through the hustle and bustle of sprawling shopping centres completed the experience. 


Finally, I want to thank Asia Internship as they were committed to taking care of my needs and request, being available 24 hours and enabling me to settle in. They fixed me a sim-card and brought me to my accommodation as soon I arrived. My dietary requirements were taken into consideration which made it easier for me become familiar with the local cuisines.  They introduce me to people who I have now become well acquainted with. Ultimately, they assisted making my stay a pleasant one.

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