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Vietnam’s economy is radically changing, from its agricultural roots to the industrialised nation it is today. This provides unique opportunities to study Vietnam’s agricultural nature and techniques, along with sustainability and environmental issues that have inevitably arisen during the modernization.

Internship duties include:

  • Perform regular field checks & diagnose problems

  • Insect, weed & disease monitoring

  • Monitor soil moisture status

  • Irrigation scheduling

  • Soil sampling

  • Assist producers with equipment calibration

  • Generate computerized detailed field reports

  • Other duties as necessary


(Agronomy, Farm, Animal Sciences, Crops & Horticulture, Zoology & Wildlife Sciences, Agribusiness etc.)


Vietnam has quickly moved from being a technology backwater to becoming one of the world’s fastest growing technology markets. Just in the software industry, the Vietnamese technology market grew from fewer than 10 to more than 750 firms with 4,000+ people in just 10 years. An IT internship in Vietnam provides students with unique experiences in the industry and opens future career opportunities for them in the global market.   

Internship duties include

  • Work with Product Manager, doing market research to understand and meet the customers’ needs

  • Transport the demands into ideals and design the products

  • Define UX flows and UI specifications

  • Develop and maintain design wireframes, mock-ups and specifications as needed

  • Create mock-ups for front-end developers


(Front and Back End Web Developer, Web Design, Bridge Engineer, Web and Mobile Developer, SEO, ERP Consultant etc)


Viewed as the core of Vietnam’s industrialization, the engineering industry has been given high priority in the national development strategy. One of the country’s most significant goals is to advance its current technological level to make its industry become more efficient, more productive and more competitive in the global market.

Internship duties include:

  • Carry out structural analyses

  • Generate economically sound and effective engineering solutions

  • Support colleagues with drawings and structural design

  • Follow the company’s design process as well as national and international rules and standards


(Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Internship, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Genetic Engineering, Chemical Engineering etc)


Medical & Health Care

Challenge yourself with a medical & healthcare internship in Vietnam. During your time here you will gain specialised hands-on skills through observing and dealing with diseases rarely seen back home. As a medical intern, you will gain insight into how a developing country’s healthcare system operates and will be able to support local communities. The experience in Vietnam will also give you a greater understanding of traditional medical methods such as acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Internship duties include:

  • Work alongside a local healthcare professional who will train you in the various screening and testing procedures

  • Besides daily field visits, once a month you will assist the local medical team by visiting poor villages or remote areas

  • Participate in medical campaigns to address topics such as nutrition, personal hygiene, tuberculosis prevention and family planning


(Pre-medicine, Pre-nursing/Nursing Internship, Pre-midwifery, Pre-physician Assistant, Healthcare Administration etc)

Hospitality & Tourism

With cultural beauty, modern attractions and stable peace, Vietnam is considered to be a top destination for tourism in South-East Asia. This provides opportunities for hospitality & tourism enterprises to flourish, with considerable investment and creative competition. Interning in this industry could well be the experience of a lifetime, especially if you have a professional interest in these fields.

Internship duties include:

  • Provide personalized services to regular guests on executive floors, cultivate and maintain good relationship with all guests.

  • Handle guest requests and concerns promptly and with courtesy, report to GSE and/or CFM/DM.

  • Conduct tours for potential guests who wish to view the hotel facilities. Liaise with CFM or Duty Manager for follow-up.

  • Take reservations for hotel accommodation and assist with check-in and check-out at the reception counter, if necessary.

  • Handle registration and check-out for the executive floor; provide information about the accommodation and amenities to executive floor guests

  • At the end of the shift, fully clear the station and do a full and detailed handover with the following shift.


(Hotel Management, Hotel Assistant, Tourism Marketing, Culinary Arts, Restaurant Management etc.)

Social Work & Community Development

The rapid development of Vietnam’s economy has been followed by an increasing number and variety of social problems. To help solve those issues, a number of non-profit organizations and social enterprises have been started across the country to solve the variety of issues. Come to Vietnam and make your internship abroad a life-changing experience not only for yourself but also for the place on which you leave your footprints.

Internship duties include:

  • Assist with project concept notes and proposals that support the SRD Climate Change section’s short & long‑term strategy.

  • Assist with writing and editing websites and newsletters related to forest management and environmental fields.

  • Write and edit reports on Climate Change programmes and projects

  • Support ongoing Climate Change mainstreaming activities within SRD’s programme.

  • Support the development, management and implementation of SRD’s Climate Change projects, including undertaking needs/vulnerability assessments, conducting baseline surveys etc. as required.

  • Participate in other related activities of the organization and liaise with partners on SRD’s behalf through climate change networks.

  • Assist with organizing logistics and reporting of Climate Change department led workshops


(Corporate Engagement, Capacity Development, Child Rights, Climate Change, Community-based and Responsible Tourism etc)

Finance & Law

Vietnam’s economy has been moving forward and the country is known today as one of the “ascending dragons” in Asia. Vietnam has attracted increasing investments as well as local and international companies establishing themselves. There are, however, a number of limiting factors, including both infrastructure and people not being prepared for increased development. A finance, banking or law internship in Vietnam will provide you learning opportunities by seeing for yourself what the keys are behind an emerging market as well as what changes need to be made to foster development.

Internship duties include:

  • Legal research and writing, case preparation, victim/witness services

  • Routine tasks in order to learn how to perform professional duties

  • Assistance in the development of an education and performance plan

  • Performing professional support tasks as required

  • Compiling data and writing reports

  • Data and information analysis

  • Partially leading at least one department function or process

  • Documenting observations, interpreting data and report organising

  • Conducting research and developing recommendations


(Legislative Specialist, Fiance & Banking,  Accounting Internship, Auditing Assistant,  Broker Internship etc)

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