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Work @ China

Why work in China?

1. Tons of opportunities for expats
As more and more Chinese companies and going international, and many more foreign companies are landing China, opportunities for an expat are increasing!
2. Decent Salaries
An expat will be earning quite decent salary on a job in China - usually double or triple of the Chinese staff on the same level job. You will be having a quite comfortable life while working here. 
3. Experience Fascinating History and Culture
China is one of the world’s oldest civilised nations and has a rich cultural heritage. Living here will grant you the opportunity of experiencing those fascinating cultures.
4. Boost Your Career Prospect
An experience of working here will broaden your network, make you understand more of business mentalities of the oriental land, and grab some Chinese language skills...which will make you much more employable and lead you to many more opportunities. 

Offer Guaranteed Service

We provide you an offer-guaranteed service to help you land on a great job in China. We save you from the hassles of hunting jobs blindly, going to interviews at different cities (we allow online interviews) and not knowing what to just need to make us to do all the work! 

Job areas: any 

Cities: any (including Hong Kong)

If you are interested, email us for more details



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