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Eliza, Bio-engineering Internship

Hello my name is Eliza, from Sweden, I’m studying to become a biomedical engineer!

First impression about Chengdu was being astonished from how big it is, but then, I realised how easy was for me to getting around!


I have been in China before for my travelling, but working in here allows you to get to know the people, and the City, in a whole different way! I have been really happy with all the additional services provided by Asia Internship, they picked me up at the airport, fixed me a sim-card instantly, and even when I got lost in the City I had only to call somebody that works there (at their 24/7 line) and I received help so it was very useful!

The thing that impressed me the most has been the effort people put in making you happy, in one of my field trip I was given a 7 pages long document including all the must see and where to eat and everything! I have been very surprise about how helpful the people are. Same goes for my colleagues, I’ve never had to ask for anything, it was given to me even before I could ask! Everyone has treated me very well!

The nightlife is a nonstop experience; you could go out every day of the week at any hour and there will be people partying! Is quite easy to get around too, there are taxes everywhere and is quite cheap.

I had great time, found great people, and in my opinion, the people you get to know here have been the best experience.


If I could bring them home with me, I would!

Eliza talks about her experience in China and with Asia Internship.

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