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International traveller’s considerations

Much has been said about China and Chinese people, I for one, would like to set the record straight about the misinterpretation of China and its people. During my first week in Chengdu, I have noted how locals themselves are incredibly friendly and truly try their best to please you anyway they can.

In here international travellers are seen as mysterious and looked up to, as if they were something mesmerizing at their eyes, which has never been seen before. There is a real strive for looking alike European and westerners in general, the whole concept of beauty rotates around western’s standards and influence them to adhere to it. Television’s Actors, commercials, and throughout their advertising effort agencies pick those who most likely matches the concept of European beauty.

This will mean that; international’s self-esteem will reach unbelievable records if you ever were to travel through China. This will positively influence your day in every aspect of the it, there will be people asking for you to snap pictures with them, there will be local people striving for your company and asking you out continuously, everyday there will be something you are invited to do, to see and to discover, which is, supposedly, as superstar must feel.

It is ,indeed, a very nice feeling being here for my intern.

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