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Why China?


  • Experience in China is increasingly valued by employers. Work experience in China will give you an inside view into Chinese culture and business practices, making you aware of cultural differences and similarities between China and the world at large.

  • China is predicted to soon overtake the USA as the world’s largest economy. Knowing Mandarin and having a connection with China will enhance your employability.

  • Globalisation is causing the job market to become more and more competitive. Your experience and understanding of China will make your CV stand out from the crowd

Internship Placement Service

Location: Shenzhen - Viewed as China's Silicon Valley, Shenzhen is a prosperous coastal city in South China's Guangdong Province. It is home to tech giants such as Huawei, Tencent and DJI. View Shenzhen on Wikipedia

Duration: 1-6 months

Internship field: any

Internship Placement Servic

Application fee: 200USD

(fully refundable if we can't guarantee you an offer within 2 months' of time)

Program Service Fee: pay when you confirm an offer and before getting started of your China trip
1 - 3 months: 800USD
4 - 6 months: 1000USD
What's included:
*Placement Service - we match you with a placement in your field of interest
*Visa guidance (how to apply an internship visa for China)
*Pre-departure handbook (how to prepare your trip, living tips in China and so on)
*Full-time job recommendation (if any of our host companies are offering an full-time job opportunity and you are an ideal candidate we will inform you this opportunity)
Not included:
*Visa application fee
*Any transports fare associated with this internship
*Your living cost in China including accommodation - we will send you contact of reliable agencies for you to rent a short-term lease apartment in the city
*Items not mentioned in the included
Please note the structure of the program has changed from 2023 and we no longer offer onsite support for participant. This program is more suitable for people who have overseas travel experience. With our pre-arrival guidance and remote language support (if in need) one will have no issues living in the city as China is VERY safe to live and travel and there's a huge expat community in Shenzhen.
The host company will provide you with invitation letters and other necessary documents to get a visa for the internship.

Is this internship paid?

If you are doing an internship within 3 months of time, we don't guarantee that you will receive an internship stipend, as the host company sees this as an opportunity for you to learn and develop and they will put in effort in mentoring you rather than receive constructive contributions from you. If you are staying for a period of more than 6 months we make sure you will receive an internship stipend from the 1st month(Roughly 300USD Per Month).

Cost of Living in China
Housing: A private small apartment is from 450USD to 700USD per month (we can send you some recommended accommodation providers in China)
Transportation 30USD - 50USD depends on 2 trips per working by public transport
Food 150USD - 250USD per mont based on 3USD - 5USD per day for 3 meals at local standard (a meal at McDonald is about 5USD and a bowl of noodles is less than 3USD)
Mobile phone and internet 20USD -30USD per month, varies with the packages and service providers
Personal Expenses 200USD - 400USD per month varies depending on individual lifestyle
If you are a professional with a few years working experience and are looking for a full-time job, please find our full-time job placement service here.

Application Process 



Our consultant will talk to you and confirm your needs. We will require an application fee of 200USD once we officially accept you into the program. No work will be done before we receive the application fee from applicant. 




We will match you with the most ideal placement and initiate further contact (interview) between you and the host company.  

This would take up to 8 weeks to finalize.

Confirm an offer and pay the placement service fee


Prepare for your trip

We will send you guidance of applying a visa for China. After you got your visa, you can buy flights and prepare to get started!


Law Intern

"I want to thank Asia Internship as they were committed to taking care of my needs and request, being available 24 hours and enabling me to settle in. They fixed me a sim-card and brought me to my accommodation as soon I arrived. My dietary requirements were taken into consideration which made it easier for me become familiar with the local cuisines. They introduce me to people who I have now become well acquainted with. Ultimately, they assisted making my stay a pleasant one."

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