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          Xiangna's Testimonial

 2nd Year Student at the University of West England, Bio-tech Major came in Chengdu for her internship.

I had an internship organised by Asia Internship during my summer holiday. I was interning with the Research Center of West China Hospital in Chengdu city. 

During my internship I was given trained and guided to conduct various laboratory projects.  The laboratory consists of the open experimental platforms for molecular and cellular research, and services for biomolecular interaction analysis. I worked as a lab assistant during the internship, independent and cooperative carry out an experiment of liver fibrosis and portal vein hypertension intervention mechanism, mastered the related experimental skills of molecular biology, cell biology and animal experiment. 

Apart from the internship, I was always exploring the city and its surrounding areas. The culture, food and natural beauties of this area amazed me, there was always so much to do and see. By the end of my internship I was feeling time was passing too quickly. 

This has been a great experience, giving me the opportunity of discovering something new, I could even think of myself living the city after graduation in two years’ time.

I also appreciate the support from Asia Internship team. Though as a Chinese returnee I’m able to speak the language, but living in a new city could be overwhelming sometimes. It’s nice to know the team and their support would always be there for me. 

Xiangna chose a two-month internship program in China. The picture she has chosen is from Leshan giant Buddha, only one hour away from Chengdu

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