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When will the epidemic  finish in China?

So, when will the epidemic finish in China? Guess this is the ultimate question that everyone has here. 



The World Health Organization's standard for the end of an infectious disease is: it will be considered as the end of the epidemic after two incubation periods of the last confirmed case’s last two virus tests (both must be negative).


Put it in a more simply way: if there is no confirmed/suspected case in your city, your city will be considered ‘safe’ after 28 days.


Below is the most updated data of newly confirmed cases in different regions of China. A little bit uplifting is that we are not seeing any new cases in most areas.


According to Dr. Lanjuan Li, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who is also a key figure in this flight against COVID-19 in Wuhan, 'most areas in China now are under good control and we are also estimating that Wuhan will no longer to have new case by end of March'.


So optimistically China will be back to normal and considered safe at the end of April. 


On March 10th, Wuchang Makeshift Hospital (makeshift hospitals were built to treat novel coronavirus infected patients with mild symptoms) in Wuhan wrapped up operation and saw off the last group of patients.


How about globally?


Below is the most updated data globally, updated by 5PM, GMT+8, March 11.

640 (1).jpeg

Dr. Nanshan Zhong, Head of the National Health Commission's team investigating the COVID-19 outbreak, estimated that world-widely the epidemic will be in good control in June. 


However it will be the WHO’s judgement of when the epidemic will be officially over. Let's do our best and stay optimistically. The day will come, and it will come. 

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