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Redouane Mouslih, Intenrship in Finance 

Hello there, readers! I moved here in Chengdu from Grenoble (France) where I have undertaken a master degree in Finance at the Grenoble University for Business management. I spent only a moth in Chengdu, and I must admit, it went by too quickly!


I have learnt a great deal of tasks, although my short residency, and I believe this experience will enhance my employability in the long-term and prove myself as an international traveller that works well with colleagues of different backgrounds.

I have been amazed and surprise about the colleagues at work, they were always ready to help me and, regardless some of those couldn’t speak English they were still able to effectively communicate with me.

I want to thank Asia Internship for all the help I have been given, before and after my arrival in this great Country! They were always ready to help 24/7 and never felt so looked after in my entire life! As soon as I got here they fixed me a sim-card and brought me to my accommodation, ensured I felt happy throughout my placement, and believed I could make a positive impact on my workplace.

Chengdu is mesmerizing and full of entertaining activities. They brought me around over the weekends and the nightlife is very engaging! I wish I could have been here longer than a month!

 Redouane talks about his experience in China and with Asia Internship!

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