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Design Internships in a Tibetan Culture company in China

Host Company Profile

Whole Culture is dedicated in promoting tibetan culture exchanges and proving excellent tours into the tibetan areas of China.

The main services the company provides includes providing consultancies to local tourist attractions, designing travel related products, graphic designs, producing travel films & shows as well as organising international culture and tourism festivals.

By far Whole culture has successfully hosted 2017 Ganzi Mountain Tourism Festival, 2017 Gongga Outdoor Mountain Tourism Festival, and 2017 Kangding International Love Music Festival.

(Ganzi, Gongga and Kangding are all in the tibetan areas of Sichuan Province).

Opportunities available

Graphic design, architectural design, scenic spot planning and design, urban planning and design, packaging design, brand design, and home design.


  • Great opportunity of working in China and gaining international working experience

  • Monthly Cultural and social networking activities

  • Full-time job opportunities

  • Visa assistance

  • Opportunities of travel to tibetan areas of China including Tibet Province


To Apply

To apply for the program please read more details on our Internship in China page and apply via there.

This position is available as part of Asia Internship's internship package. The job is paid, but we charge a fee for services including accommodation.

Apply once you're ready.

Or contact us for more information.

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