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Research Assistant in China- Pharmaceutical

Host Company Profile

With continuous progress of the social civilization, more and more countries turn their attention to human health career. As China's medicine R&D and manufacturing enterprise with the spirit of unremitting exploration and persistence the company shoulders the glory mission of human health. Relies on the mutual drive of innovative technology and R&D capability, it takes firm growing steps in Dujiangyan, the world historical city, which is beside the Minjiang River.

Since its production in 2004, the company has been committing itself to technological fields for a long term in medicine R&D, manufacturing, promotion, and service, winning enormous industrial influence and strength. By virtue of the concept of “pioneering and aggressiveness for the purpose of serving and protecting all the human beings”,the company insists on the enterprise spirit of “forging ahead with determination, stubborn and unyielding, unity and cooperative, and never enough”, makes use of the advantages in the southwest area like scientific research institutions, talents, information, Chinese herbal medicine GPS base, as well as the company's own scientific-technology capacity and economic power, and introduces the high-educated high-quality management and scientific talents, in order to strengthen the new products R&D and quality guarantee of existing products, and have the company maintain sustainable development. In 2012, it ranked Sichuan Top 4 Pharmaceutical Enterprises by virtue of its strong comprehensive group strength.

The company founded the scientific and research platform and cooperated with domestic well-known scientific research institutions with emphasis on combination of production, teaching and research, with the approved “Postdoctoral workstation” founded in 2004, the “China National High-Tech Enterprise” awarded in 2008, “Sichuan Enterprises Technology Center” founded in 2010, “Sichuan Academician (experts) Workstation” founded in 2011, “National Production-teaching-research Combination Laboratory and Pharmaceutical engineering doctorate degrees awarding unit” founded in 2012. The company undertook 4 projects regarding Twelfth-five-year Significant New Drugs Development, one platform project, and 12 provincial and municipal projects. The industry shapes the future, and the courage determines the outcome. The enterprise will develop rapidly as one body with two wings relying on both the national drug innovation platform in Chengdu Jinrong Mansion and Shuangliu Haihui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. as the pioneer of the industry, it has gradually established its own core competitiveness in aspects of technology, branding, capital, and culture with large amount of talented employees and strong power.

As a medicine R&D and manufacturing enterprise with its brand depending on the quality and the future depending on the innovation, facing the development trend of economic globalization, informatization and integration, the company will strive for ranking Top-2 of Sichuan Pharmaceutical Industries within 5 years. In addition to rapid development, the company is devoted to all human health service with scientific, rigorous, and responsible attitude, to pioneer and progress for the purpose of serving and protecting all the human beings.

Research Fields

The company is dedicated for the innovation, research and development of chemical drugs, Chinese patent drugs, biologics and preparation techniques.

Research and Development of the Chemical Drugs: Design, Synthesis, Screening Technology Study and Product Development of the Innovative Drugs in the Areas of Antiviral Drugs, Endocrine Drugs, Cardiovascular Drugs and the Pilot Plant Test and Industrialization for Crude Drugs.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Manufacturing Process and Engineering Research: Application Research, Product Development and Industrialization Research of the Resin Macroporous Adsorption Technology, Membrane Separation Technology, Supercritical Extraction Technology, Ultrafine Pulverizing Technology, etc. in the Production Process of the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Pharmaceutical Engineering Research: Liposome Technology of Insoluble Drugs, Slow and Controlled Release Preparation Technology, Medicinal Emulsion Technology, Application Study of Moisture-resistant Supplementary Material Technology for Traditional Chinese Medicine Capsules, Product Development and Industrialization Research.

Biological Drug Development: Biological Diagnostic Reagent Research and Development Technology, Application Study of Monoclonal Antibody Development Technology, Product Development and Industrialization Research.


Anti-microbial Product

Anti-tumor Products

Endocrine Product

Digestive System Product

Cardiovascular Product

Respiratory Product

Intern’s Position: Research Assistant


  • Assist in the R&D department in on-going projects

  • Daily lab management and coordination

  • Assist in maintaining thorough up-to-date knowledge on the status of current projects

  • Assist in reporting on all current and planned projects

  • Assist the company with maintaining good relationships with its international partners. Jobs in this may include regular communications, meeting participation etc.

  • Prepare knowledge-sharing presentations if required


  • Great opportunity of working in China and gaining international working experience

  • Monthly Cultural and social networking activities

  • Reference Letter from Host Company and Completion Certificate upon completion

  • Full-time job opportunities

  • Visa assistance

To Apply

To apply for the program please read more details on our Internship in China page and apply via there.

This position is available as part of Asia Internship's internship package. The job is paid, but we charge a fee for services including accommodation.

Apply once you're ready.

Or contact us for more information.

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