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Sharfaa Shiraaz's Testimonial

Hello, my name is Sharfaa and I am a law graduate seeking to enter the world of law!


Having undertaken plenty of legal experience here in the UK and finishing my Postgraduate degree ready to embark on my law career, I realized there was one thing missing – a wealth of cultural experience in another continent. That is why embarking on a journey overseas to Chengdu was the best opportunity ive given myself! 


I was so blessed to be working with my host company Grandway Law. My work ethic is always to work at a firm that I could work with as a family. Coming to China and understanding the strict business focus working 24/7 around the clock, I realised I might not necessarily get that here, but then Grandway came along... Whilst working on high profile client cases and having the opportunity to take lead on an international commercial case with an English-speaking client, despite the strenuous work load and putting in the extra hours, I loved every second working at the host company. The work is challenging, but there’s some play involved too (like going to the bar every night after work). Situated in what I believed to be a very developing district and working with an elite team of partners, lawyers and associates, the experience gained at Grandway has been credible. The relationships built and the challenges proposed to me are something I am eternally grateful for, even if they were hard and out of my reach, I loved showing the team what I was really made of!

There aren’t words to describe how amazing Asia Internship have been. To just say they have been ‘helpful’ would be a discredit to abundant support they have been providing me throughout my internship. They are amazing in every way helping you settle into Chengdu to planning your nights out! Asia Internship have been the ultimate complete package served with a friendly and welcoming smile!


During my stay in Chengdu, I also had the opportunity to travel China during the National Holiday. Visiting the international city of Shanghai to experiencing traditional Hangzhou, I came back loving Chengdu even more! Conclusively it is undeniable that China is a diverse country, where only here could you find such a cross lifestyle between tradition and modern. The friends I have made here I also know will be lifelong friends who I adore so much! I can’t wait to plan my next trip back to my second home Chengdu! 

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