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Oliver,student at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland

From the moment I was picked up at the airport by a smiling Asia Internship's team member, I knew I was in good hands. I was nervous about the trip beforehand – I hadn’t been to Asia since I was three, I spoke basically no Chinese and I hadn’t even heard of Chengdu until the initial interview. But I landed at Chengdu airport and was whisked straight away to my home for the summer.

There was a lot to take in in the first few days – where everything was, how to say please and thank you, not getting run over by traffic, the intricate workings of the metro, who my roommates were and which restaurant in Chengdu has the best pizza. This was all handled really well by Asia Internship staff, and slowly but surely I got to know Chengdu.

The flat Asia Internship sourced for me became my home for three months. It had all the expected amenities, a very powerful stove, social flatmates, quiet neighbours and working air conditioning. Located on top of shops, cafes and a pizzeria, the location was excellent.

The internship itself was great. Even though not everyone spoke much English, all my colleagues and co-workers were extremely friendly. The office was in a really convenient location, surrounded by food stalls and restaurants of varying cuisines. Having a professional barista in the office was a true luxury.

I had the joy of travelling to a wide variety of places at weekends. Beijing and Shanghai were top of my list, and pretty easy to get to by train (flying less so), but Chengdu is also surrounded by mountains and scenic areas, a number of which I managed to visit. Truly spectacular, and very worthwhile with half price student tickets for every place.

In short, I would definitely recommend coming to China with Asia Internship. You will be well looked after, see China in a completely new light and have a great time.

Oliver chose a three-month internship in China. He has chosen a picture from the Great Wall of China, a side visit from Beijing

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