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Nick Thomas's Testimonial


I'm Nick, I have just finished my History degree and wanted to get my foot in the door. While being in Chengdu for a month I have been working with the head of international marketing at a camping stove company. I have been working and have learned valuable life skills that will continue to help me in the future with experience of working within an office environment, Representing the company for potential business opportunities in global markets.


While here I have made great friends and have learned a little Chinese, I wanted to explore more so  I went to Xi'an for a weekend to see the terracotta warriors. it was an amazing experience because I'm a history student, getting an opportunity to see thousands of years of history was amazing and a big dream of mine has come true.


I’ve had a lot of local food from Chengdu, it’s becoming my favourite food I’ve ever had, this includes:




Cowpea noodles 

Guo kui

Tang you guo zi 



& Pig brain


There is a lot more about China and Chengdu than I ever thought and I would this was the opportunity of a lifetime, make sure you take it!

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