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Dear reader,

I'm Giorino, currently following a course aimed at engineering, design and (interior) architecture.
Always have had interest in countries like Japan, China & Indonesia and then a few months ago my school gave its students the opportunity to follow an internship abroad. 
Believe me, if you have an opportunity like that, go for it, it is all worth it, doing an internship abroad is an experience to never forget. For me in personal this might have been one of the best times in my life, so far. 

I lived in Chengdu for two months followed by a Chinese New Year trip for half a month in Chongqing and Shanghai. 
Chengdu is really something. It was my first time living in a city like this, but the people of Asia Internship will help you with getting settled in Chengdu and they can do that as the best! 
As soon as you own the Chinese sim-card and got told on how to get around with the subway the big metropolitan city won't be that big of a problem anymore. With the internet access via mobile date (which is cheap in China in my opinion) is it easy to get around. Also if you like spicy foods, rice and noodles like I do, then start preparing yourself mentally for the delicious foods you will try out! ~ They're crazy good. 


During my stay in Chengdu did I work as an intern: Interior Designer in my host-company Decofun. 
I am immensely thankful to Asia Internship and my host-company Decofun on how they have enriched my experience in China. 

I couldn't wish me better people then the ones I got in touch with. My host-company is a company who takes team-building seriously and this is easy to notice. 
I felt welcome in my company from the very first second and built relationships with my colleagues easily. Also had very kind bosses. 

The New Year Trip I mentioned earlier was actually a spontaneous trip I was asked to join for by my two bosses.  

Every week started with a meeting with my supervisor who then will share my new assignments with me. That followed up by mainly working independently whilst still interacting with the sweetest and funniest colleagues.  Before my internship had I drawn up goals I wanted to accomplish. I accomplished 80% or more of them. 

My time in Chengdu had been a time to treasure and to be thankful for. 

For China and me is there on a short notice one thing that will keep us connected, (besides all my new friends) shall I continue studying the Chinese language with no doubt. 
Will return for certain too. 


                                           GiorinoArchitecture and Interior Design Student

                                                                         MBO Utrecht , the Netherlands


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