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Delicious street food in Chengdu,China

1 Hot Pot (火锅)
2 Mapo Tofo (麻婆豆腐)
3 Kung Pow Chicken (宫保鸡丁)
4 General Tso’s Chicken(左宗棠鸡)
5 Fish Favored Shredded Meat (鱼香肉丝)


Chengdu, Sichuan - Also known as  The Land of Abundance.A city locates in southwestern of China.It is famous because of the hotpot, panda ,  fascinating scenery  and the leisure spirit here. Besides all these, Chengdu is also developing as an amazingly speed and now has become one of the fastest grown city of the world.


About the food. How popular is it ? Let's just say if you are a Sichuan people, you won’t have to worry about that you can't find a job.Because restaurant of Sichuan flavor is everywhere in China.  As for the question that how popular it is in the world? Is that really necessary to ask? Don’t you remember the #szechuan sauce just a fews days ago? And also something you must’ve ordered before ?


Well. If you don't remember any of those or you really never tried them before, then here’s your chance.


The picture above shows something that is already on people’s MUST List when they go for Chinese food.

This picture introduces us some other ridiculously delicious street snacks in Chengdu. And it's not me who choose them but some foreigners who live in chengdu now.By the way, the reason they are not coming back to their country soon is probably because they haven't finished exploring more tastes here.


1 Dan Hong Gao(蛋烘糕) : pancake with different fillings of your choice.

2 Tian Shui Noodle (甜水面 ): handmade noodles in spicy broth. It tastes sweet and spicy.

3 Lang ya Potato(狼牙土豆) : fried potatoes with special sauce. Awesome

4 Guo Kui (锅盔) : flat bread saturated with oil and stuffed with fried beef yet crispy at the same time. Yummy

5 Huang Liang Fen (黄凉粉 ) : yellow bean jelly

Continued ……

I can’t promise that they all just to your taste but what I can promise is that they are definitely not all the delicious snacks here. You just need to come here and find the ones you really like. And  i guarantee that you’ll get your answer.

Is your mouth starting to water? Tissue is here. But don’t forget that Chengdu is also here waiting for you to explore.

/By Serena. 

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