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Excursion to China’s Great  Wall

The only knowledge I had with regards to China’s Great Wall, was given to me through movies, books and cartoons; meaning I did not have any real knowledge of whatsoever. This is, in fact, a must-see of China’s heritage and a valuable representation of its legacy for future generation, worth the visit.

As I approached the never-ending wall, I could feel the mystic power it holds, and such feelings grew   stronger as I got closer to the marvellous beauty. Impressive fortifications stood higher then 40 meters before my eyes, and its serpentine stretched until the horizon met the azurin sky, moving across hills and vales, surrounded on each side of trees and wild vegetation. Every 100 meters     stood a fortification 80 meters high and as wide as a Bastion, able to fit at least 30 people within, on each side of these ramparts there were embrasures from which archer, would have defended their perimeter against intruders, when these walls were used for patrolling.


I felt for a second what it would have been like, to be guarding the front from one of these towers with your brothers at arms. The walk itself is very pleasing, the landscape shaping across the walls is mesmerising, your imagination drifts along the scenario, carried by a legacy intended for you to witness.

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