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How can an unseen scenario make your heartbeat  raise?

I have always been curious to witness the beauty of this world. Although seeing pictures, seemed experiencing it through somebody else’s eyes, it had proven itself less fulfilling of what I thought it should have been, the only reason I could give to myself was: “you must see it for yourself, then you’ll know for certain the way in which an unseen scenario makes your heartbeat raise”.

That is the core reason who brought me so far from home, an adventurous soul ever seeking to discover unknown. I might have gone out at nightclubs every night, and eaten in fancy restaurant every meal, yet didn’t, as my priorities were well organised and laid before my eyes even when I had my eyes wide shut. I had to see life outside the urban chaos of



So as soon as I could, I booked a ticket for Phuket, Thailand. Then once organised for the VISA I was set and ready to go.

As soon as I landed, I only wished to see the beach, It was like nothing I ever experienced before, the white sand embraced the clear blue water as it stretched as far as the horizon. I could not tell when the two parted as the sea was clear as the sky.

There were no clouds nor pollution, only a warm salty breeze of a never-ending summer dream.

Thousand pictures prepared me for this moment, although this was the only one time I felt it was real. Before I could realise it, my heartbeat raised, as my eyes were eager to capture any detail of such beauty this world has to offer, thereafter I couldn’t help wondering “what else is left to be seen in this world, for those who dare? “

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