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Chris Wakeham's Testimonial


My name is Chris. I study at the University of Hull. I’ve just finished my one-month placement here in Chengdu.


My first thought when I stepped off the plane that it was humid. But it’s a really beautiful place once you get used to the heat. It’s very different to the UK, so that’s something to be aware of.


I learned so much from my host company. Practical Knowledge which I can take by with me will help me get a job in the future in Chemistry. I’ve just been shown so much stuff that can used for real life, instead of just theoretical knowledge which I learn on my degree


My biggest achievement here is probably climbing the entire Mt.Emei. That took two days to complete and it felt great to get to the top of that.


We fed some monkeys. Some locals called us over and gave us some food to give to the monkeys. That was pretty cool. When we finally got to the top, it was a great feeling, but I was just kind of relieved as well that it was over. I sat there for a while to take everything in. It is above the clouds so you can other peaks and mountains. And it was gorgeous.


In the same trip, we went to Leshan to see the Giant Budda. That was pretty phenomenal, one of the top things you need to see when you come to Chengdu. There are two ways that you can see it, one is to see it from a boat. I personally think that’s the better way of seeing it because you can see the entire Budda. 

Asia Internship is brilliant. Without them I could be completely lost. They pretty much took care of everything for me like the accommodation and getting me set up at my host company.


The entire idea of it is special to me to come here, to see the complete different culture. I think traveling really broadens you mind. I think it makes you a better person, seeing other people’s culture. I probably will take that with me.

Tell my friends to travel as well and stop being boring. To be honest, most of my friends tend to stay in the UK. So this trip has been spot-on.

I recommend Asia Internship experience if you want something like this, similar to me.

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