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Callum, Intenrship in Green Energy

I completed an overseas internship in Chengdu, China through the organisation Asia Internship; where I worked for four weeks with a company that develops green energy products. I worked a five-day working week and enjoyed free time over the weekends. Upon arrival, I was met by the Asia Internship's staff who helped me get settled within the new environment.

My host company is a research and development company that produces new products for the sustainability market; the main product being the Portal Biomass Camp Stove. Within the host company, I worked with a number of highly qualified and experienced members of staff to learn the science behind the product and help in the international marketing and sales of the product. I also gained experience in seeing how a business in China functions differently to that from the UK, along with visits to the factory to get an understanding of the processes and machinery/technology used after the research and design has been completed. I will take the experience and knowledge  I have received from working with the company and use it to aid my future careers.

During the weekends, I completed a number of different activities and visited many different tourist attractions. Among these include visiting the Panda Research Centre, The Leshan Giant Buddha and climbing one of the four Buddhist mountains in China called Mount. Emei. I enjoyed a great number of different local foods and beverages, including visiting the Tibetan region within Chengdu and trying Tibetan meals. There are a number of really interesting sites to visit within the city, including the Wide and Narrow Lanes and Jin Li; each of which contain streets full of very old architecture which has been transformed into a retail and culinary district. Visiting the different locations across Chengdu, Leshan and Emeishan has provided me with a broad understanding of Chinese culture, something which is great to learn but also invaluable experience for working within international organisations that may have business within China.

The staff from Asia Internship are some of the hardest working and dedicated people I have ever met. In my time within Chengdu they did everything within their power to ensure I was comfortable and had settled into the new environment well. They arranged for us to get sim cards straight away to ensure we kept contact, including through the messaging App, WeChat. They arranged different events with us and helped us to organise transportation with the different forms of public transport. If ever there were any pressing questions or information that was needed, the staff were always at the other end of the phone to help. Through the staff I met other people that I quickly became great friends with and enjoyed social times with. I have left Chengdu knowing I’ve made some lifelong friends in the people at Asia Internship and my host company.


I highly recommend Asia Internship to anyone that is considering completing an overseas internship in China!

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