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How to Chinese Kill Time at home  during the Coronavirus  Home Quarantine?

It has been 2 months since the epidemic burst. Guess for most of us, this has been the longest 'home-stay experience' ever!


Boredom drives us crazy. However to some people this is a really good time to do something new & fresh and #GetNewSkillsAtHome has become one of the most popular hashtags on Chinese social media now! 



These people are showing positive attitudes towards life still and this lock-down has really provoked their potentials and creativities they've never found before!


So, what "unbelievable" things they've done to kill time at home?

Some discovered their art potentials



Unlike Western countries, where the streets are empty on Christmas Day, the Christmas celebrations in China tend to be more commercial. Shopping, going out for dinner, singing karaoke, going to the movies...streets are crowded and the joyful festive atmosphere is all around.


 As it is a celebration, nothing can compare with a shopping carnival. A lot of malls and shopping centers will be decorated with colorful packed gifts in fabulous looking. With a lot of young people gather out together, sales, coupons, events, and Christmas specials will be given a lot! Yup! Another excuse for shopping!

Santa Clause with Saxophone


When we speak of Santa Claus, we always come up with a white-beard grandpa carrying a bag of presents. However, his image in China is a little unique - he is almost always depicted with a saxophone in his hand.


No one knows why, perhaps it is because of the ‘cool Western’ image the saxophone has in China, another explanation is that Chinese people find Santa Claus running around with reindeer unrealistic, or maybe because there’s no people sing Christmas carols on the streets so he is taking care of the musical elements in China. Well, who knows!

Going to Church  - for fun!


In China, most Chinese people aren't religious. But what interesting is, during Christmas, you’ll see lots of people going to church and it can be so crowded and sometimes people have to wait outside. How could there be so many Christians all of a sudden?


Well, they aren’t actually, many of them are just there to experience the atmosphere, in some ways, just to have fun. They may know nothing about the religion or try to worship, they just think it’s a trendy thing to do. Besides, the carols are mostly beautiful and holy so it can regarded as a small concert in some ways.

No Holidays


To many of you, Christmas is a the most important festival for family to be together, people work far will come home on this day and spend time with their family. But not here in mainland China, as it is not a public holiday on the calendar, there will be no holiday giving to anyone. Don't be so sad, 6 days later there will be the New Year holiday and soon will be Chinese Spring Festival! Cheer up!


Now you've seen how different Christmas can be in China huh? Do you like the 'Chinese-style' celebration? Would you like to try it this year? With only two days left, get ready for it! We wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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