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Alsihba Danish's Testimonial

Interning in China was the best decision I ever made! It has already really set me apart from “the crowd” being back in the UK. I was placed in a medical pharmaceutical company as a project assistant. During my time here I learn’t so much about the manufacturing of cancer medicine and water testing for it’s physical and chemical properties, TOC and microbial properties. I had a meaningful internship that would set me apart from the crowd in the UK in this difficult time for students finding jobs.  


However, it was not all work and no play on the weekends we gathered with the other interns for dinner, drinks and all round fun and socialising. My highlight of the trip was climbing up China’s 4th highest mountain (Mt Emei) and getting up close to the monkeys! Cassie and The other interns are really friendly and made the internship what it is...


I’ve made lifelong Chinese friends from my work in Chengdu to the other interns…if you’re hesitating about investing so much money on this opportunity…Don’t. It’ll be the best decision you’ll make!

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